About Us


FIT AND TATTED "F.A.T" began back in 2016. Who would've thought that something you and your brother came up with as a personal brand, would become a brand shared around the world. Both being Marine Corp veterans we had a hard time adjusting back to the civilian lifestyle. We found our strength both mentally and physically through fitness. We began wearing our gear as personal gear around the local gyms and our peers began to show interest. One day we decided to give it a shot so we went through a local business and got 50 shirts made. Those 50 shirts sold in less then 2 hours! It was at that point we knew we had something special. Now Fit And Tatted is a brand shared around the world. Your body is art and your tattoos are art as well, we wanted to create that brand for the culture. Remember we were born to stand out not fit in! We cannot wait to continue to grow and expand this brand with the world. Thank you for all the love and support thus far We Love You all because without you guys we wouldn't be here.

-Team Fit And Tatted